Jeasin valve industries Co., Ltd adheres to develop and manufacture superior-quality valves, steel pipes, flanges, pipe fittings, ect. based on integrity management for the purpose.

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  • [2013-11-14]
    There is a very rapid development of China pump valve industry in recent years, which has brought a new development opportunity for the pump valve industry. However, the development of China pump valve industry still get influenced by the global financial crisis and other factors. Under such circumstances, China pump valve enterprises need to eliminate backward production capacity, enhance market competitiveness, and expand the room to develop.
  • [2013-10-31]
    The development in the valve casting industry at home is very anticipated.But there is still existing many problems that can not be ignored in its development.It is known as for many prominent problems exist in the domestic valve casting industry, the enterprises of backward production capacities will be phased out in order to reduce the industry's burden. And yet for the demands of domestic and oversea markets for valve castings all cannot do without the small and medium-sized enterprises,it will need a longer transition period of elimination.
  • [2013-10-28]
    It is urgent for US to talk about its natural resources even though it is experiencing an oil and gas boom in a recent, which has totally changed situation in 40 years ago.Oil and gas have been played a significant role in all over the world, so one of the keys is to reduce this influence, through the words of the US energy secretary. DOE plans to continuously develop unconventional oil and gas production, biofuels. And it also makes plans for global gas market. Besides, it wants to improve vehicles to fuel by alternative ways except oil, gas, electricity.
  • [2013-10-18]
    Stainless steel valves are normally used in the working medium which has certain corrosion level. Any kind of valve material has relatively limited corrosion resistant ability to working medium. And the materials are affected by many factors. If the adopted methods in processing technical and heat treatment process are proper in the manufacturing process, thus a material’s corrosion resistance can be ensured.
  • [2013-10-14]
    For stainless steel pipes are provided with safety, economic, new and reliable,it has more irreplaceable advantages of other steel pipes.It will be more and more used in the engineering and get more and more popular.Thin-wall stainless steel pipe were begun to produce and use at home in the late 1990 s,which was the emerging new family in the pipe field and has been widely used in building water supply and drinking water pipeline.
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