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US Talks About Oil and Gas Boom Recently

Source:   Author: Jeasin   Posted: 2013-10-28 17:52   Hits: 5718
It is urgent for US to talk about its natural resources even though it is experiencing an oil and gas boom in a recent, which has totally changed situation in 40 years ago.Oil and gas have been played a significant role in all over the world, so one of the keys is to reduce this influence, through the words of the US energy secretary. 

DOE plans to continuously develop unconventional oil and gas production, biofuels. And it also makes plans for global gas market. Besides, it wants to improve vehicles to fuel by alternative ways except oil, gas, electricity.

General Motor has announced that it has developed a vehicle that is fueled with biofuel, but it would first be driven by CNG as well as consuming gasoline. This was big advance in recent year. This solution has been already adopted by European.It has also face an energy problem that ways to be accessible to rare earth and other important energy materials has to be solved. Climate change was not a new problem to talk.

The official also said they have talked the points of the issue. It is without doubt that these issues must be solved as soon as possible.It is necessary to talk openly to respond. It needs more efficient use of energy as well as to develop power with non carbon processing. The international cooperation is of high significance. 

The vulnerable infrastructure is resulted from many factors such as weather change, cyber-terrorism, and physical attacks. The interdependence is also a issue to be talked. DOE also expects to improve the nation’s electrical network.The quadrennial energy review is on the way, which is a good opportunity for federal government what the rich oil and gas production has brought about.

The talk will also address the necessary to build more pipelines to deliver oil and gas from tight shale formation.

There are not complete pipeline systems in US. Improvement of the many pipelines is also a top task which would require several federal department and agencies involvement.